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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phineas And Ferb The Movie Party, Review And ~~Giveaway~~

When Phineas, Ferb, and Perry follow Dr. Doofenshmirtz through his "Otherdimensionator", they find themselves in an alternate universe where a second, truly evil Dr. Doof rules over his Tristate Area with an army of iron-fisted robots. To save his friends from certain doom, Perry makes the ultimate sacrifice by revealing his secret identity as Agent P. Phineas and Ferb escape, meet their 2nd dimension selves, and begin their own mission to rescue Perry.

As they uncover his plot to travel back to their dimension to take over their Tri-State Area, the gang, as well as their alter-egos, must band together to stop him.

So begins an epic battle as our heroes try to save their home from the clutches of Alt. Dr. Doof... and his sidekick Platyborg! Will Evil Doof succeed and achieve dual world domination? Will Candace finally bust her brothers? Find out in this action-packed, epic adventure - so huge that it crosses over time and space!

This past Friday, Disney premiered Phineas and Ferbs first movie. 

If you love Phineas and Ferb, you will love this movie!!

The music is awesome, the quotes are hilarious, and you get to see some old favorites (no spoilers here!! lol)

Thanks to Disney and Child's Play, we got to host a fun party for my boys and their friends!!

Check out the fun things we were sent!!

All the kids and Adults loved the movie, and loved the fun goodies. 

The stick masks and tattoos were every ones favorites!!

They also really enjoyed the pizza, popcorn and pie!!

If you didn't get to see the movie this past Friday, it will premier again on Disney HD August 13th!!

You don't want to miss it!!

Disney was so generous in their party gifts, that we actually had three extra gift bags left!!

In each bag, there are tattoos, stickers, and buttons!!

I have one Perry Bag Left and two Ferb bags.

I will let the winners (in order picked) choose which one they want!!


Angi said...

I love how Candace is always a minute to late to expose her brothers. And Perry is too funny.

Unknown said...

I love Ferb

Peggy Damon said...

we love Ferb

tatheer said...

i love your blog and your fab ideas

In Julie's Opinion said...

I love Isabella - "Whatcha doin?"
jwitt33 at live dot com

jakiesmom said...

i like poor candace
nannypanpan at

jenzen69 said...

i love ferb

ticklemetiffy said...

Luckily my oldest started kg right around the corner from his preschool. The whole school took up the block all the way up to high school. Also I got to walk him all the way to his class so I didnt shed a tear (I wanted to but I held back) and neither did he.

Helen said...

Perry is my favorite

Stephanie LaPlante said...

Ferb is my favorite

Stephanie said...

Perry!!!! Wouldn't love a spy, bad guy catching platapus?

lewalk said...

Ferb is my fave. I like a man of few words. Lol. LOVE the show.

Leah W.

Unknown said...

Love Perry!

Gosfam said...

Perry and Phineas are my top 2!!
mattles22 at yahoo dot com

damiesmom said...

phineas is my favorite!
damiesmom at ymail dot com

Amy V said...

fav character is perry the platypus!

Gina said...


Charity and John said...

Candace is my favorite because she keeps things interesting with all the drama.
primabee at hotmail dot com

SAPsMaMa said...

Perry is our favorite character

mphin278 at yahoo dot com

amanda said...

shmilgah at

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