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Monday, August 1, 2011

Make Me Laugh Monday 8/1/11

This weeks Make Me Laugh is all about my life over the last week. I hope you can laugh about it and not be bored!!! LOL

We started out the week with a virus. A MAJOR COMPUTER VIRUS!!! I was in the middle of working, when all of a sudden my laptop had a pop up that said you need to download Windows AntiVirus right now. Of course, I am not an idiot, and refused to download anything without knowing what it was. Especially considering that it was going to cost me $100!!

I tried to get back on to the Internet to research it with no luck. So I sent Ben to Staples to have them diagnose the computer. Mind you I just bought this laptop 6 months ago!!

Staples told Ben that this was a common virus that a lot of people have been getting. They said they could fix it. So Ben asked the obvious question, "How Much?" To which the Staples guy responded "$300!"

When Ben heard that, he said "Ah NO!" $300 buys me a new laptop with today's prices!!

So we called around, and did find a local store that fixed the virus for $80. To me that was still way too much, but I can not live without my laptop!!!

Now this virus was pretty evil. It shut down a lot of features I had been using including my email for weeks. I thought I wasn't getting very many emails lately. Yeah I hadn't gotten over 400!!!! When I got the computer back, I had over 500 email messages in my inbox. I am still going through them!!

Soon after the computer debacle, life seemed to get back to normal. I was working all day at the PO and then on the computer at night.

Until Wednesday!!!

As I was heading home from work, I was stuck behind a little old lady who decided to drive 25 in a 55. I try not to be an aggressive driver, but after a LONG day of being in a vehicle, I just want to get home and get out of it!!! As we were entering the highway, this little old lady decided to slam on her breaks instead of accelerating onto the highway. I in turn had to slam on mine. Now I got a little mad, and layed on the horn. I felt bad, because I clearly scared her a little, but I was soooo not in the mood to get into an accident!!!

This is why I am a firm believer that anyone over the age of 65 should be retested for their drivers license at least every 3-5 years.

OK that vent out of the way!!!

Now last but not least!! On Thursday, when I arrived at work (The Good Old Post Office in case you forgot!!) On our front door was a women's Bra!!! Why would a bra be on the door??? We were confused.

Then after a long day of delivering, I had to go to get an oil change. While I waited in the waiting room, I was lucky enough to watch an old man pick his nose and wipe it on his pants, and watch two women make out for over a half hour!!!

Needless to say, last week was a very weird week for me, and I really hope not to repeat it this week!!!

Happy Monday!!


Jeryl M. said...

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The Family that Laughs Together said...

LOL!!! hahaha I think this is the funniest post i have read in quite some time. What a random day.

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