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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hells Kitchen Week 4 Part 2

Elise keeps sliding by.  I really wish she would go already!!

A high school reunion sounds fun.  I didn't go to my 10 year.  They held it on Black Friday and I was too busy shopping!!!

The one member said "I don't eat meat" and then Elizabeth suggests a surf and turf!!!

Then she goes back to her team and tells them that the reunion committee wants Asian food.  Wow, I think I heard them say Hawaiian!!

Carrie needs to shut up.  She is talking over the judges!!

Monterray made a great dish.  The girls not so much!! 

Wow Elizabeth is an airhead.  She forgot to tell the team the one girl doesn't eat meat!!  The team should bunch her!! 

The blue team sooo kicked butt in this challenge.  With all the compliments on that last dish, I think it said it all!!

Elise is so stuck up, not helping at all.  I would slap her!!

I think Natalie drank a little too much!!!
Elise and Carrie are at it again.  Why don't they just avoid each other??

That cake looks horrible.  I understand that Carrie tried to save it, but wow!!

James is a nice guy, but I really miss Jean Phillip!!

The blue team has all of their apps out, and the red team hasn't even started yet.  Not good!! 

What is going on with Paul today??  He keeps under cooking the fish!!

Then Monterray does the same thing. 

The blue team got kicked out by messing up on their own dishes!!   

The red team must be feeling good that they are taking over both kitchens.

That was a nice touch Ramsey did with the Hula dancers, and fire dancers.

Both Monterray and Jonathon did not do much this dinner service.  Monterray has done a lot of bad cooking so far.  I can't blame Ramsey for getting rid of him.  He was not getting any better.

On that note, I need to say goodbye to Vicjbr.

Thank you for playing!!

If you would like to join in on the game, pick a player and comment below that "I want so and so." 

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi TAKEN BY SHELLEY T HUBBY
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys TAKEN BY VICJBR
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS


Lisa said...

I almost HATE watching beacuse of fat mouth Elise. She is in dire need of being put in her place. Its a shame there is so much screaming this time out, its really a turn off. Thank the Lord for the "Beep" machine.

katsrus said...

I hate all that screaming too. I'm waiting for Elise to deck someone. She gets right in people's faces.
Sue B

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