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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Christmas Blog Hop


I have an idea, and I would love your opinions.

I am having a lot of fun with my Back To School Hop, and I am thinking of hosting another for Christmas.

I would ideally like to do The Twelve Days Of Christmas starting December 1st and running until the 14th.  I know that's more then 12 days, but the last giveaway needs a couple days of entries too!!

Each day, the blogs involved would post a new giveaway (they would all be open for the whole time)

On the first day, one prize is given away on each blog.  The second day would be two prizes and so on until the 12th day where there would be 12 prizes!!!

I would not put a dollar amount on the prizes, so people who sponsor themselves are not put in a financial burden right before Christmas.

What do you all think??  I think this would be a lot of fun!!


Rex Robot Reviews said...

I think this sounds like fun!

katsrus said...

It does sound fun.

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