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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Wants To Know What's In The Box???

I think I have kept you all in suspense long enough!! lol

Here is a list of all the goodies you will get!!!

The Box Giveaway ends tonight!!

Make sure you get all those entries in!!

1. Hair accessories

2. Heel supports

3. Ann Taylor Jeans

4. Women's Polo Shirt

5. Kitchen Towel Set

6. Two Photo Albums

7. Elephant Piggy Bank

8. Adult Maid Outfit

9. Two Pairs Of Socks

10. Kids Frisbee

11. Pair Of Booty Shappers

12. Door Hanger

13. Blow Up Hammer From Hershey Park

14. Twilight: New Moon Instrumental Sound Track

15. Hershey Park Bag

16. Bath and Body Works Lotion

17. South Of France Body Wash

18. Playboy Lotion Set

19. Three Beautiful Necklaces

20. Three Stone CZ Ring

21. Pink CZ Ring

22. One Bar Of Spa Naturals Orange Ginger Soap

23. Handmade Coupon Organizer

24. Bride Porcelain Doll

25. Quartz Alarm Clock

26. Beautiful Glass Jar

27. Eleven Children's CD's/Games

28. Bi-focal Sunglasses

29. Doggie Sunglasses

30. Kids Silly Bands and Playing Cards

31. AC/DC CD

32. Family Tree Book

33. Low Carbon Diet Book

34. Pet Shop Ceramic Paint Yourself House

35. Talking Photo Key Chain

36. Digital Key Chain

37. Ipod/MP3 Speakers

38. Three Small Photo Albums

39. Digital Days Counters

40. Hand Knitted Baby Hat

41. Christmas Paint Kit

42. Assorted Books

43. Winni The Pooh 1st B-day Decorations

44. Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

45. Car seat/Stroller Netting

46. Digital Jump rope and Cooler

47. Car Travel Bag

48. Photo Travel Bag

49. Ipad Case


Jackie said...

Wow! Thanks again!

robynl said...

oh my goodness, someone is going to hit the jackpot

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