SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Survivor Fantasy Game Finale!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Finale!!

I like how they did a recap. I forgot some of the characters!!! lol

It will be interesting to see who comes back from Redemption.

That has got to be a tough challenge. Holding a vase on a board with one foot!!

Poor Grant. After 40 mins I think my leg would need to stretch too!!

Poor Matt. 29 days at redemption island, and he looses from a small slip. That stinks!!

Wow Andrea won!! Good for her!!

Ashley really needs to learn to watch her back. Friends are not always friends!!

Balance beam challenges look like a lot of fun!!

Rob and Ashley are neck and neck!!

Hurry Rob!!

Rob was like two numbers away!! Good job Ashley.

Phillip is soooo weird. He is openly bad mouthing the girls in front of them!!

I don't think Rob should be so caulky about not using the idol. I would use it no matter what. Just to be safe!!

It shall be interesting to see who votes for who!!

Good job Rob. That was a very smart move using that idol just to be safe!!

The girls were pretty silly not to take out Rob. All though I have seen big players like that loose to the underdogs later on. We shall see!!

Now it's any ones game!!

Oh that maze looks like fun!!

This challenge is neck and neck with Ashley and Rob!! Ashley rode his coat tails to get there!!

Good job Rob!! You kicked butt!!

Being this far into the game, picking who stays with you is tough.

I have no clue who is going out today.

I am betting Natalie is not going to get Ashley's vote!!! lol

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Phillip wins?? The extremely crazy man!!!

That food looks good!!

It's about time that Phillip burns those gross underwear. They were nasty!!

That's odd, no walk of remembrance for their fallen team mates?? No burning of camp??

Wow, both Natalie's and Phillips speeches are boasting Rob, and proving that he was the ring leader, and played the hardest.

Robs speech I thought was pretty good!!

The questions from the jury are not as evil as in the past!!

Phillip is still going crazy!!! Ranting at Julie!!

Dave's speech was pretty interesting. Obviously he is a Rob supporter!!

I have no clue who is going to win!!

Wow good job Rob!!! I am glad he won. He was the best strategic player this game!!

It's hard to believe that this season is over!!!

A big Congratulations to Shelley T the winner!!!

Please email me with your address and gift card choice and I will get it out to you!!

See you all next season!!


Ashley Underwood

David Murphy DANA

Francesca Hogi

Grant Mattos TARA

Julie Wolfe KARI

Kristina Kell SEAN


Mike Chiesl

Natalie Tenerelli TERRY

Phillip Sheppard

Ralph Kiser DEBS DESK

Sarita White

Valencia DEBBIE

Steve Wright CHERYL C

Rob Mariano


Krista Klumpp KRISTA

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