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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enter To Win A 14' Swim Spa Hot Tub!!!

Tell me this isn't the most gorgeous Hot Tub you have ever seen!!!!

Win A $25,000 Swim Spa Hot Tub Contest Details:

Enter to win this fabulous $25,000 Deluxe Backyard Swim Spa Hot Tub Package from Premium Leisure. It's a whole new, freshly designed Swim Spa & Hot Tub combination! One lucky winner will be selected on 12/31/11.

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DO YOU... feel stressed, have sore muscular aches and pains, suffer from back problems, or have sport related injuries? Relief is just moments away when you own a "Swimmer 14" Swim Spa Hot Tub by Premium Leisure.

The "Swimmer 14" is designed to provide backyard fun and benefits in just the right size for you. Whether you want the convenience of swimming without having to turn and repeat laps - or the kids are begging for a place to splash around, this Swim Spa takes above ground pools & hot tubs to the next level.

With a trio of river jets to swim against and a bevy of therapy jets to relax in, this unit is perfect for building muscle, physical therapy or just plain fun. Since the water can be heated to your desired temperature, the "Swimmer 14" Swim Spa can be enjoyed year round. A recent University of South Carolina study has proven that swimming can cut men’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease in half.

Health, Happiness and Healing at home are now available to anyone with a mere 14' in their backyard or on their patio. The "Swimmer 14" offers a variable hydrotherapy experience with hot tub seating, a lounger, and 26 adjustable jets. The swimming end allows for swimmers of all skill levels to enjoy a leisurely swim or a long workout. For added resistance and buoyancy, Premium Leisure has built in a swim tether receptacle base on the spa side flange. Simply attach this optional swim tether (not included) around your waist and swim with or without the jets on.

Proper relaxation is an essential key element to massage & aquatic exercise, which allows muscle tissue to move from a contracted position to an extended or relaxed state. When you think about good health and fitness, picture yourself laying back in the Hot Tub side of this unit, or taking a quick swim in the swimming side. Hydrotherapy can help relieve the pain of arthritis and other tired muscle related injuries. Not only does the warm spa water melt away tension and strain from your body, but with combinations of powerful and gentle massage pulsating jets, help you relax your entire body.

Can you get all that in a regular pool? Can you get all that in a regular hot tub or spa? Nope! Only the "Swimmer 14" gives you all the benefits of both - plus gives you a high performance swimming exercise machine as well! You can rest assured that we've thought of it all, and put it all into one Swim Spa Hot Tub, bearing the name Premium Leisure.

Plus, you can really relax, knowing that you own a Premium Leisure Brand Swim Spa, made by a leader in the hot tub spa industry for over 25 years.

One winner will be selected by a random drawing on 12/31/11 and will be notified by either email, phone or postal mail. Winner must be at least 18 years old and the delivery address for the Swim Spa backyard package must be within the contiguous 48 states of the USA. One entry per postal & email address allowed. See below for complete contest rules and further information. So enter today and - who knows - you could be the next person to own one of these truly unique backyard Swim Spa packages! You may be the lucky winner !

Swimmer 14' Swim Spa Hot Tub Specifications:

91"x 170"x 50"
Swimmer / Seats: One Swimmer and 4 Adults
Jets: 3 Powerful River Jets and 26 Adjustable Spa Jets
Pumps: Three High Volume 350 GPM Swim Spa Pumps - One 2 Sp. Pump & 1 Sp. Pumps
Controls: Balboa Electronic Control System w/5.5kW Heater - 60 AMP 240 Volt
Filtration: 100 Sq. Ft. System
Ozone: Included
Cover: Deluxe Insulation w/Safety Straps
Lights: One LED Mood Light LED Perimeter Lights
Cabinet: Mahogany Maintenance-Free Synthetic Skirting
Construction: Foam & Foil Insulation w/2x4 Pressure Treated Wood Structure
Water Capacity: 1,600 US (Gallons)
Dry Weight: 2,300 lbs.
Filled Weight: 18,670 lbs.

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Aaron said...

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