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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Week 2

I am still looking for 3 players if anyone wants to join in!!!

Sorry this is late this week. With the P.O and not feeling well, I didn't get a chance to watch the show till now!!!

Redemption Island scares me. I like some alone time, but that to me means leaving the room and hiding from the kids and husband. I don't think I would like being alone on that island!!

I agree with Rob that Phillip is a tad off!!

"Government Jobs= Stressful!!!" My favorite quote of the show!!!

Why is Phillip hunting crabs with a spear?? What's with the crying??

Russell is funny. Running around trying to find the idol again.

Too bad the hairy Farmer Ralph beat him too it!!!

This immunity challenge sounds like fun!!

Grant is a strong man. He helped get a huge lead.

Ralph kicked butt for Zapatera!!! There's a lot more to that Farmer!!!

Ometepe is a bunch of weaklings!! Phillip did try though.

Matt needs to watch his back. He shouldn't have congratulated the other team like that!!

Poor Ralph. He seems like a really honest, nice guy, and he is stuck with Russell and his dishonesty.

Rob is very angry at Matt. I am glad that Rob is being very secretive with Phillip about the vote though. That is a very, very smart move.

I can't wait to see the redemption island battle. This sounds like fun!!

Phillip just gets weirder and weirder!!!

Kristina needed to play the idol, but now she is wide open for next tribal!!

I hate the blind siding, but it will make for an interesting redemption island match up with Francesca!!

I guess we have to wait until next week again!!!


Ashley Underwood KELLY'S LUCKY YOU

David Murphy

Francesca Hogi

Grant Mattos TARA

Julie Wolfe KARI

Kristina Kell SEAN



Natalie Tenerelli TERRY

Phillip Sheppard

Ralph Kiser DEBS DESK

Sarita White ELIE

Stephanie Valencia DEBBIE

Steve Wright CHERYL C

Rob Mariano SHELLEY T


Krista Klumpp KRISTA

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Ellz said...

I thought that quote was funny too!

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