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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Episode 1

I am still looking for 3 players if anyone wants to join in!!!

I love how one guy shows up in a suit to the start of the game!!

I don't know if I like this redemption island twist. I guess I have to see it more to know if I will like it!!

Ralph the Farmer is really really hairy!!!

I liked watching Andrea almost chop her foot off!!! lol

Phillip exposed his FBI status, but was that wise??

Rob caught Kristina looking for the clue!! lol

I don't know if my strategy would be to form an alliance right away or just see what happens.

That's hilarious that Kristina found the idol with out any clues. Russell did that too didn't he??

Phillip is kind of annoying!! What is up with walking around in his underwear?? Not attractive!!

The first immunity challenge didn't seem too hard.

Ometepe is a bunch of weaklings!!

Good job Russell and Zapatera!!

I like the "What If" commercials. Erik was a really big idiot!!!!!

Why does Kristina hate Rob soooo much?? I can't figure it out. He is a big help around camp and in challenges. I would keep him around for a little while longer.

I can't stand the back stabbing of this game. That is why I could never play it. I could handle the main survival part, but not the weird strategy parts.

Phillip has such a big mouth!!!! Francesca and Kristina are big liars!!!

Wow. This game is crazy!!! It only just started!!

This Tribal Council was just mind blowing!!! I have never seen that happen before ever!!

Bye Francesca. This is why you should be very careful who you align with. All I can say is wow!!

I liked Jane a lot and think she should have won that season!!

I do have to say this season is going to be interesting!!

Now because of the redemption island thing, I can't say for sure that a player is out yet. So far no one has picked Francesca.

I guess we have to wait until next week!!!


Ashley Underwood KELLY'S LUCKY YOU

David Murphy

Francesca Hogi

Grant Mattos TARA

Julie Wolfe KARI

Kristina Kell SEAN



Natalie Tenerelli TERRY

Phillip Sheppard

Ralph Kiser DEBS DESK

Sarita White ELIE

Stephanie Valencia DEBBIE

Steve Wright CHERYL C

Rob Mariano SHELLEY T


Krista Klumpp KRISTA


Anonymous said...

Hi, I signed up yesterday on the right post for Matt elrod, Yea another Fabio, he's mine!

Anonymous said...

Yipee thanks you found me, I think we have another Fabio!

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