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Monday, February 21, 2011

Disney Toy Story 3 On Ice Review

I love Disney!!! They are an awesome company who really treats bloggers well.

I was invited to see Toy Story 3 on ice in Boston this past weekend and I am soooo glad we went!!

Getting to the TD Garden was a little difficult (Boston is all one way streets and tunnels) but we did get there!!!

When we arrived we were ushered to the Premium Club for a great buffet dinner. Laura Spencer (the only one who works for Disney lol) had thought of a great kid friendly menu. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fries and fruit. She also planned well for the adults with delicious veggie wraps, Clam Chowder and coconut cookies!! (Yummy!!)

Shortly after dinner, we were visited by two stars of the show, Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody!!!

They were kind enough to take pictures with us!!

After we got our fill of good food and friends, we headed to our seats. We were given a suite!!!

The suite had private seats that overlooked the whole rink, so we saw everything!!

We even had our own bathroom!!

Doug wanted a drink from the bar, but I told him no!! lol

The show started with a visit from some of our favorite Disney friends, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Then the show started. The story on ice stayed pretty close to the movie, but they added some great extra scenes that fit in really well.

I love troll dolls. I still have a huge collection from when I was much younger!!

Doug sat still and loved the show. He even sang along with some of the songs!!

Ben Jr loved the show too!! He was sooo excited when they would bring out a new character.

It was a full house to see the show that night!!

The Barbie dolls did a really cute number!!

Of course we had to buy some souvenirs (Disney prices) and my sister got herself an alien hat and slushy!!

I got both boys Buzz Lightyear spinners ($22 each)

My Mom wanted a hat too!!

Over all we had an awesome time!!! The show was spectacular, and Disney went all out for us!!!

We did have one minor problem, which had nothing to do with Disney. The TD Garden Center quoted us $20 to park when we arrived (highway robbery by the way, but because we had no clue where else to park we took it) and then when it came time to leave, the bill went up to $32.

Now I think of myself as a reasonable person, but $32 to park for 4 1/2 hrs is INSANE!! So I complained. I was told that it would have been $20 if I had arrived at 5pm. Because I got there at 4:50pm, I was charged $12 extra bucks!!!

I asked to speak to a manager, and the girls in the booth told me there was none. Two other bloggers with me had the same issue, so we all went on the hunt for a manager.

After over a half hour of trying to get some help, we came across a security guard who dropped the total to $15 for each of us (which is the event parking price, not $20) but then went on to tell us that this was a one time favor.

Needless to say, I will NEVER park at the TD Garden Center ever again. Next time we will take the train in.

Please remember that the parking issue, had nothing to do with Disney, and besides the issue, we had an awesome night.

Thank you Laura and Disney!!!

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KidsPartyFavors said...

How I wish my kids could see this too, I have toy story party favors for them on their birthdays.

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