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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Starts Feb 16th

Here is the cast for the latest season starting on February 16th. To play the game, just comment below what character you want. If you are the first one to pick them, then that character is yours.

Each week, as a real person is voted off the Island, that player on here is "voted off" too.

We are going to add some fun extras to this seasons game. There will be bonus games on here to gain points. The player with the most points at the end of the season, will get a second place prize!!

I am leaving the bonus games open to all players (even if you were voted off) to give everyone a fair chance at the prize!!

Pick your player, and let the games begin!!!

Andrea Boehlke (21)Student TAKEN BY KRISTIE KAY'S BLOG

Ashley Underwood (25)Nurse TAKEN BY KELLY'S LUCKY YOU

David Murphy (31)Defense Attorney

Francesca Hogi (36)Attorney

Grant Mattos (29)Yoga Instructor TAKEN BY TARA

Julie Wolfe (50)Firefighter TAKEN BY KARI

Kristina Kell (46)Law Student TAKEN BY SEAN

Matt Elrod (22)Pre-Med Student TAKEN BY MARILYN'S MONEY

Mike Chiesl (31)Former Marine TAKEN BY CHRISTINA

Natalie Tenerelli (19)Professional Dancer TAKEN BY TERRY

Phillip Sheppard (52)Technology Executive

Ralph Kiser (44)Farmer TAKEN BY DEBS DESK

Sarita White (36)Visual Effects Producer TAKEN BY ELIE

Stephanie Valencia (25)Waitress TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Steve Wright (51)Former NFL Player TAKEN BY CHERYL C

Rob Mariano (35)Three Time Survivor Player TAKEN BY SHELLEY T

Russell Hantz (38)Two Time Survivor Player TAKEN BY MAVERICKS MOMMY

Krista Klumpp (25)Pharmaceutical Rep TAKEN BY KRISTA


Ellz said...

Sarita White please.

Unknown said...

Mike Chiesl

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Ha! Those were my two choices - Sarita and Mike. Okay heading back to the video.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Ralph Kiser or Ashley Underwood.... hm, Beauty and the Beast. Er, Beast and the Beauty rather. Hmmm, can't decide. Okay, I'll go with Ashley Underwood, please.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Sarah, if it's okay, my hubby, Sean wants to play too. He wants to pick Kristina Kell.

Go Survivor! Let the game begin ;)

Sarah Coulsey said...

Kelly- You and Sean are all set!! Best of luck to everyone!!!

Unknown said...

I would love to play along! Since my husband is a firefighter, I'll take Julie Wolfe.

Unknown said...

Completely picking by random I will take Rob Mariano please. Maybe 4th time is the charm for him?

debbie said...

I will take stpehanie valencia please.

Debs Desk said...

I will take Ralph Kiser (44)Farmer.

Tara said...

I will take Grant Mattos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'll play, I take Matt Elrod!, thanks what a fun thing!

cheryl c said...

I don't watch Survivor, so can I still play just for fun? If so, I will take Steve.

Party From The Heart said...

Krista Klumpp (25)Pharmaceutical Rep

If it is not taken

Eat To Live said...

I put mine on the wrong page..

Natalie Tenerelli (19)Professional Dancer

Kristie Kay's Blog said...

Andrea Boehlke (21)Student

I like to play I love this show watch it every season:)

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