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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Edge Of Sight Book Review

Bestseller St. Claire (The Bullet Catchers) touches off a bold new series with this taut, complex and intelligent page-turner, skillfully blending deep romance with labyrinthine mystery and hard-boiled action. Law student Samantha Fairchild witnesses the brutal murder of a popular newspaper columnist, but the Boston police refuse to protect her. She turns to her old friend, investigative reporter Vivi Angelino, and inadvertently walks right into the path of Vivi's brother Zach, a Special Forces officer who broke her heart when he went off to overseas combat and never wrote or called. As a killer stalks Sam and Zach and a vast conspiracy unfolds around them, the former lovers must confront their mutual attraction and their troubled pasts. Readers will thrill to this dynamic tale and its nonstop action, sweet and sexy romance, lively characters, and celebration of family and forgiveness.

I cried a lot reading this book!!

Poor Zach has had it rough. He falls in love with an incredible women right before he is shipped off to war. When he realizes that he might not ever come back, he cuts off all communication with the women. He also suffers a horrible injury where he looses one eye.

Sam falls head over heels for Zach, even though she knows he is going off to war. After many weeks and months with no contact from Zach, she fears that he doesn't care for her the same way and her heart breaks.

Three years later, after witnessing a murder, Sam has no choice but to run to her friend Vivi (Zach's Sister.) Instead of Vivi, Sam is surprised to see Zach. Her life is turned upside down one more time by having to work with Zach to save her life.

I loved the story line to this book and the characters. The one thing that made me cry over and over again was the fact that Zach lost his eye, and the problems he faces from it. At one point he is called a monster by someone. It ripped my heart out!! I wish the Author had written in that he had a scar or something a little smaller then loosing an eye.

Over all, I loved the book, and Roxanne's writing style is perfect!!

~~All opinions expressed are 100% mine. I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of the book to read thanks to Hachette Book Group~~

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Roxanne St. Claire said...

Well this IS a blog of fun - for me, today! Thank you for the review! You had my at "I cried a lot." What a compliment!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my book and share it with your community!


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