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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 11

Nick and Vicki are going to have a really tough time this leg!!

That's a little scary going to the border of North Korea.

Can Nat and Kat ask somebody to buy them something (map book) like that??

Wow they just showed all the times Nick was a jerk. I hope she realizes it!!

That would be good for Nick and Vicki to catch up, but I don't think a nine hour difference is going to help!! Ouch!!

South Korea is pretty.

I love White Water Rafting. We did that a couple years ago in Maine and it was sooooo much fun.

I hope that water is warm!!

Going to a Military Base would be interesting.

Those headbands look a lot a like. I would be the one to get punched!!!

Thomas got his pretty quick. That was tough.

Those Soldiers do some awesome kicking tricks to open the wood. That is soooo cool!!

I would have to do the delivery thing. Ice and me do not get along!!

Oh Brook and Claire are in trouble. They didn't listen to the clue that said NO Taxi's!!

I still have my fingers crossed that Nick and Vicki can get back in the race. I don't like Nick, but Vicki deserves a chance!!

I like the guys that Nick and Vicki are following. They seem really nice and funny!!

Jill keeps falling on that ice. That would be me!! Can you skate on your butt and have it count??

All Brook and Claire got was a 30 minute penalty for taking the taxi?? I thought they would have to go back and get to the challenge the right way.

Good for Jill and Thomas. They get to go to Argentina. That is cool!!

At least Nick and Vicki are not giving up. They are still doing the challenges.

So on that note I need to say goodbye to Elie.

Thank you for playing!!

Andie and Jenna- TAKEN BY TARA

Brook and Claire- TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Chad and Stephanie- TAKEN BY BETH

Connor and Jonathan- TAKEN BY BUSTERMAMA


Jill and Thomas- TAKEN BY LB

Katie and Rachel- TAKEN BY TERESA



Nick and Vicki- TAKEN BY ELIE

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Ellz said...

sniff, sniff. I had fun playing.

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