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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Week 10

I still can't believe how mad Chad got at being u-turned. I guess I would be ticked too!!

Jill and Thomas have a huge lead on the other teams to start!!

I can't blame Brook and Claire for being mad, but why are they only mad at Thomas??

At least Thomas and Jill tried to make some amends!!

Hong Kong is a really pretty city.

Poor Vicki. It is tough to have asthma and run like that.

That stinks that they missed the boat though. That puts them a half hour behind the others now.

Nick can be such a jerk sometimes. Why is she with him??

Majesty Restaurant looks like fun. Karaoke is awesome!!

My Husband would be bad at this challenge. He could eat all the food he picks up without problem, but he wouldn't spot the fake food. He would eat it before he knew it was fake!!!

That watermelon in Claire's face awhile back still hurts me to watch!!!

Nat and Kat had an easy time with the food challenge.

The sign challenge looks easy, but might be really hard.

The boat/bird challenge looks a little easier, but its dark out!!

I would probably throw up too if I ate as much as Claire did!!

That was sheer luck that Claire found the fake piece right away after throwing up!!

Jill and Thomas gave up on the sign challenge pretty quickly.

But it benefited them because they found the boat really quickly!!

Poor Vicki is watching all the people leave, its taking her soooo long!!

That's a great trip for Nat and Kat to go to Rio DE Genaro!!!!

Poor Vicki is having it rough with that challenge.

Nick really loves to whine a lot doesn't he??

Vicki is silly to give up. I would have kept going.

Now they are stuck with a 6 hour penalty. Ouch!!

I can't believe they made it to a non elimination leg. That was luck, but the next leg is going to be tough. They are 6 hrs behind the other teams at least, not including what ever they are naturally behind them time wise, and they now have a speed bump.

At least I don't have to say goodbye to anyone this week!!

Andie and Jenna- TAKEN BY TARA

Brook and Claire- TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Chad and Stephanie- TAKEN BY BETH

Connor and Jonathan- TAKEN BY BUSTERMAMA


Jill and Thomas- TAKEN BY LB

Katie and Rachel- TAKEN BY TERESA



Nick and Vicki- TAKEN BY ELIE

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