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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Purple Trail For All Your Holiday Cards

"PurpleTrail is a print and online invitation service that allows users to create amazing invitations and cards. With thousands of designs and the ability to fully personalize them, PurpleTrail offers a unique blend of creativity, inspiration and customer service that can’t be beat."

This is a fun, simple to use site!!

They have a large selection of all sorts of Holiday Cards. I went crazy and made five Personalized Holiday Cards. I don't know what I want!!!

This card is called Red Season's Greeting's and is 6"x4"

I apologize about the pictures. I couldn't get the resolution any better, but trust me the quality on the site is much better!!

This card is Happy Holidays and is 4"x6"

I really like this one. It is called Riding Santa. It is 6"x4" I love the vibrant colors!! Very cute!!

This card is my favorite, and might just be this years masterpiece!!! It is called Picture Trio and is 6"x4"

This is another cute one that I saw. It's hard to see in this picture, but I even got to personalize each stocking with our names!! It is called Merry Christmas and is 5.25"x5.25"

Every year I try to "win" our families Christmas Card Shipping Contest. Granted this is an unspoken contest, but myself, Sisters in law, Cousins in law etc all try to be the first person to send out their Christmas cards.

Most of us now have kids. It's cute, because in Ben's Family all of us cousins are about the same age, got married at about the same time, and had kids at about the same time.

We all secretly try to be the first card in peoples mailboxes each year.

Ben, the kids and I try to go to Disney each year in November so that we have a cute Disney picture of the boys for the cards. Last year, we got the boys sitting with Santa in the Bahama's!!!

I don't know what we will get this year, but I know it will be cute (you've seen my kids, you know they are adorable!!! LOL)

Besides great Christmas Cards, Purple Trail also carries a wide variety of Invitations for your parties, and weddings and also announcements for new babies, new houses, or just "Hey I am still here,don't forget about me!" announcements!!!

Head over to PurpleTrails site and look around. You just might find your very own masterpiece too!!

~~By writing this post, I am entered into winning a gift cert to PurpleTrail. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not paid for this post.~~


Eat To Live said...

Lol....that is funny because my niece and I do the same thing.
Last year (as a joke) I sent out a Christmas Card on January 1 so I would be the first.
She called me up and called me a cheater...

Sarah Coulsey said...

Thats a good one Terry. I will do that this year!! lol

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