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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call Me Kate Book Review And Tour

I was very lucky to get to read Call Me Kate!!

Kate is a 14 yr old girl who is surviving through the Civil War. Her Family is not well off by any means. After a tragic accident, Kate's life gets a lot harder. She is the sole bread winner for the Family. While Kate is out working as a maid, she learns a Family friend of hers is in real danger. He is a draft dodger fighting for his rights.

Kate goes under cover as a man to help save her friend and other Molly Maguires lives.

Call Me Kate is a very well written book. I loved all the hardships that Kate and her Family go through, and how they overcome them.

The only thing I would change about the book is the end. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will just say that I was hoping for one ending, and I got the opposite. It wasn't a bad ending, just not what I wanted!!

I really hope that Molly Roe continues with the story and writes about Kate a little older.

You can read an excerpt from Call Me Kate here, or you can purchase the book from Amazon below.

Molly Roe Bio:
Molly Roe is the pen name of Mary Garrity Slaby, a veteran language arts & reading teacher at Lake-Lehman Junior Senior High School. Mary holds a Ph.D. in education from Temple University, and Pennsylvania teaching certification in six areas. She has pursued the hobby of genealogy for the past decade. Mary was born in Philadelphia, raised in Schuylkill County, and currently lives in Dallas, Pennsylvania with her husband, John. They are parents of two grown children, Melissa and John Garrett, cover illustrator of Call Me Kate. Digging into the past has given Mary newfound respect for her ancestors and a better understanding of history. Call Me Kate is the first in the author’s trilogy of historical novels loosely based on the lives of the strong women who preceded her.

~~I received a copy of this book thanks to Tribute Books. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review.~~

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Tribute Books said...

Sarah - thanks for sharing 'Call Me Kate' with your blog readers. We appreciate your support of the book.

If you are very lucky to get to read Katie's story - we're very lucky to have you review it.

And your wish will be granted for more Katie - Molly Roe is currently writing the second book of the trilogy - Sarah's Story - focusing on Katie's sister.

We'd love to have you review it when it comes out.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

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