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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Same Kind Of Different As Me Book Review

"A true, inspirational story that crosses the barriers of society.

Meet Denver, raised under plantation-style slavery in Louisiana until he escaped "da Man"—in the 1960s—by hopping a train. Then, after another 18 homeless years on the streets of Dallas, God moved . . . and a godly woman named Deborah prayed, listened, and obeyed. Mountains began to move, beginning with her husband, Ron, an international art dealer accustomed to the world of Armani suits and art-collecting millionaires.

The story takes a devasting twist when Deborah discovers she has cancer. Will Deborah live or die? Will Denver learn to trust a white man? Will Ron embrace his dying wife's vision to rescue Denver? Or will Denver be the one rescuing Ron?

There's pain and laughter, doubt and tears, and in the end a triumphal story that readers will never forget."

This was a tear jerker!! The problems that the characters had to face were horrible.

Especially Denver with the living conditions of his childhood and the death of his Big Mama and Cousin Chook horrifically.

You have the "Rich White Man", and the "Homeless Black Man" tied together by a women.

Poor Deborah has a lot on her plate too!!

It took me awhile to sit down to finish the book. The beginning was a little slow, but once I focused, I was hooked.

You can get your own copy on Amazon for $6.74

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. This book was given to me free to review thanks to Booksneeze.**

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