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Monday, September 20, 2010

On This Day 7 Years Ago...........

It was a rainy morning. Hurricane Isabel was just blowing away.

Luckily, she left early enough not to cause problems for Our Wedding!!!

We were married at my families church, and then had our reception at the Radisson Hotel right on Lake Champlain.

This is a picture of us in front of the lake. There was a really pretty fog because of the Hurricane.

All though my original thoughts for this photo were disappointment for not seeing the lake, now that I look at the photo, I think it looks magical with the fog!!!!

For an Anniversary present, my Sister watched the kids over night. Ben and I went down to the Casinos in Connecticut. Of course we lost (like usual) but it was nice to be away.

Now this morning we thought we would be able to sleep in sense there was no kids to wake us up.

Ha Ha we were wrong.

At about 7 am, My Sister calls to tell us that both kids got up early. Ben Jr threw up, but was feeling better. Her concern was with our dog Sammy.

Sammy was acting lethargic, and had a bloody nose.

Now mind you, Sammy has always had health problems. She is 10 yrs old, and has chronic bronchitis.

She has never once had a bloody nose though. I didn't even know dogs could get them. We are two hours away, so I couldn't rush right back. I told Ashley to call the Vet.

Of course the Vet says "Bring her in." Now for anyone who has pets, you know a trip to the Vet costs $50 just to walk in the door. Now I don't mind spending the money if Sammy really needs it. She is not just a dog, she is my daughter!!!

So Ashley brought Sammy in. Here is what the Vet said "She has a cold"

One Vet Bill-$75, One night away from Kids-$400, My Sister saying "Never again" Priceless!!!

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katsrus said...

Happy Anniversary Sarah.

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