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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantasy Games Rules And How To Play

I have had a couple people ask me recently how to play my fantasy games. So I wanted to write up a quick post explaining.

It's very simple. For each of the Reality TV shows above, I list that shows cast here on my blog.

People who want to play, pick a name and that is their player through the game.

As people get eliminated on the shows, they get eliminated on here. Last person standing/winner of the show, wins a prize on here.

Not too much work involved to play!!!

Rules are very simple. Have fun!!!

Now for those of you Survivor players, I have an extra special secret game that will be starting next week. This game is just for the Survivor players. Stay tuned, I will give you details soon.

I hope that answers every ones questions. If you have any others, please let me know!!

Good luck!!!


Ellz said...

I am new around here so that helped. I am excited. Thanks.

Sarah Coulsey said...

You are very welcome Elie. Good luck and welcome to my blog!!!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Sounds like fun!!! :) Yay! What a great idea.


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