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"This shop is operated by husband-and-wife team Andrew and Melissa. My wife and I have enjoyed using many of these products. We hope you will too. We back everything, including custom orders, with a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee.

Andrew does much of the woodworking, while Melissa handles administration, advertising, and such. Whenever possible, Melissa has stepped in to assist with woodworking, and has picked up a great volume of experience, and has opened her own shop, strictly for supplies, vintage, and findings. Please pay her a visit at rabbitsreclaimed.

Here you'll find a growing assortment of eco-friendly goods for the home and garden.

We build almost everything here using woods we source by dismantling and re-milling ages-old piers, fences, barns, and other structures slated for demolition.

We enjoy what we do, and strive to make that show in every piece we sell.

CONTACT: Some items available wholesale. To request a complete line sheet of available work, contact me through etsy converations.

Quality And Value

Prized by boat builders and other artists for centuries, clear Western Red Cedar is the very best lumber for outdoor use. Its properties of stiffness, straightness of grain, high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to decay, beautiful color, and enchanting scent are even greater when sawn from old-growth trees.

Unfortunately, there are so few old-growth cedar trees left, that with a steadily growing demand, the cost of this material is rising at such a rate that it’s becoming difficult for we as consumers to justify its use over cheap-looking shiny alternatives. The good news is, the lower prices we pay for this higher quality lumber gives us room to spend the time to carefully craft into each piece properties of unusual strength, and higher overall quality than normally found in cedar garden structures, and to sell the finished piece at a fair price.


Every piece is unique, as all have been crafted from woods full of different clues to its history, in decades-old fastener holes, tool marks, embedded mineral stains, and other minor inclusions. Although we saw and plane most stock to uniform thicknesses, we like these imperfections to remain as evidence of its antiquity.

Environmentally Friendly Goals

Thank you for considering recycled cedar. You may be contributing to a healthier future for your children and theirs, by playing the most important role in the preservation of our forests, and encouraging the further use of sustainable forestry practices throughout the Pacific Northwest and all over the world. You are actively contributing to the conservation of some of our most beautiful and beneficial resources, while finding the perfect addition to your garden."

Andrew and Melissa have some of the most beautiful pieces in their shop, Andrews Reclaimed.

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces

Soap Dish, Natural Old Growth Cedar, Fine Finish-

Nicely finished cedar soap holder with cross grooves will make your hand-made soap last longer. Moisture will wick away from your bar soap, and keep the bottom from becoming soggy. Makes a great gift!

These wooden soap dishes also help protect our natural resources. I re-saw blocks of the finest mill end surplus that would end up being used for firewood.

2 3/4" wide
3 3/4" long
3/4" tall

Business Card Holder, Eames Era Inspired-

It doesn't get more "businesslike" than an Eames-era inspired plywood laminate business card holder.

Tied up with a simple ribbon, makes a great inexpensive but unusual gift.

Smooth to the touch, unfinished upcycled plywood cabinet scrap laminated under pressure, cut, finely sanded.

The cutout where the cards lay I designed so the very first card will always sit a bit higher than the rest.

Also available by custom order with woodburnt initials.

Herb Gardening Planter, Recycled Cedar Wood-

Herb planter made from durable western red cedar wood.

I use mill end waste cut cedar for these, a step that reduces demands on our natural resources. Beautiful cedar trees can be found all over Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

Simple durable style herb pot with smooth hand-rounded edges, and soft wooden texture and wonderful cedar scent.

Old-growth cedar planter boxes hold up to repeated use, and stay beautiful for years.

Can be used indoors or out for flowers as well as herbs. Also would make a nice cactus for smaller varieties.

Available with or without holes drilled for drainage. Please specify upon checkout.

Solidly built with precise joints and waterproof food safe wood glue.

3" x 4" x 11", perfect for three or four plants.

Head over and check out all the beautiful pieces at Andrews Reclaimed. When you are done, head over and check out Melissa's shop, Rabbits Reclaimed.

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