SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Amazing Race Fantasy Game Still Needs Players!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Race Fantasy Game Still Needs Players!!

We got our players!! Thanks everyone and good luck!!

Andie and Jenna- Mother/Daughter team TAKEN BY TARA

Brook and Claire- Best Friends TAKEN BY DEBBIE

Chad and Stephanie- Boyfriend/Girlfriend TAKEN BY BETH

Connor and Jonathan- Best Friends TAKEN BY BUSTERMAMA

Gary and Mallory- Father/Daughter TAKEN BY LAVENDER DAISY

Jill and Thomas- Boyfriend/Girlfriend TAKEN BY LB

Katie and Rachel- Friends TAKEN BY TERESA

Michael and Kevin- Father/Son TAKEN BY COLLEEN TURNER

Nat and Kat- Friends TAKEN BY VHUBLER

Nick and Vicki- Boyfriend/Girlfriend TAKEN BY ELIE

Ron and Tony- Best Friends TAKEN BY SHELLEY T


Weatherbee ;) said...

OOOhhhh...I LOVE Amazing Race. I'm not sure how this works, or if I'm supposed to do anything, but I'll take Katie & Rachel! :)

What fun!


Sarah Coulsey said...

Hi Teresa,

The concept of the game is really simple. Each week as a player on the show gets kicked off, so does the player on here. Last one standing wins a prize!!!

You have Katie and Rachel. Good luck!!!

Ellz said...

I'll take Nick and Vicki. Sounds like fun. go team!

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