Thursday, July 1, 2010


These are two of my other favorite Vampire movies, besides the Twilight Series.

Gary Oldman played a great Dracula in this movie!!

Anthony Hopkins was spectacular as well.

Keanu Reeves, and Winona Ryder were ok in their roles.

All in all I thought it was a well done movie, and the first couple times I saw it, I was actually scared!!

Interview With The Vampire was another great movie.

I loved how Brad Pitt had a conscience, and Tom Cruise was really quite evil.

I didn't like that the little girl was turned into a vampire, and then killed. That was the one part of the movie I hated.

I wasn't all that sad when Tom Cruise died though!!!

I would love to hear from all of you as to what your favorite Vampire movies are. Comment below.

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katsrus said...

Mine is anything with Bela Lugosi. And the Dark Shadows soap opera show they used to have on. Am I showing my age? LOL.
Those actors did do a great job in the movies you mentioned.
Sue B

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