Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have always wanted to try one of these, so when Erin offered me the chance to try the Soda Stream Fountain Jet, I was ecstatic!!

The Fountain Jet is sooooo simple to use.

All I had to do was connect the CO2 canister, put water in the bottle, and hit the button!!!

I was sent the black and silver Fountain Jet (the middle one in this picture)

It doesn't run on batteries, or electricity.

You hit the button three times, and the water becomes carbonated.

After that, you add a cap full of soda syrup, and shake lightly.

As long as you use cold water, it is ready to drink then and there.

I was also sent 9 bottles of soda syrups, and 3 flavored water syrups.

Soda Flavors are-

*Orange Mango
*Diet Lemon Lime
*Root beer
*Diet Cola
*Diet Cranberry Raspberry
*Diet Pink Grapefruit

Water Flavors are-

*Lemon Lime

So far we have tried the Orange Mango, Energy, Diet Pink Grapefruit and the Orange Water Flavoring.

They all have tasted great.

Right now Soda Stream is running a deal where you can get the Fountain Jet Value Pack which includes-

•Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
•2 60 liter Carbonators
•4 Carbonating Bottles
•1 Variety Portion 12 Pack
•5 SodaMix flavors (your choice) - each bottle makes 12 liters of soda

For only $159.95. That's a $20 savings.

The only thing so far that I am not a fan of, is the fact that replacing the CO2 containers is $24.99 and up.

Other wise, everything else is reasonable priced.

Getting more soda flavorings is only $4.99 a bottle or you can get the 12 bottle variety pack for $9.99!!!

Head over to the
Soda Stream Site and check them out.

I know you will love making your own soda!!


debbie said...

I really want one of these. If you get tired of it, you can send it over to me.LOL.

Dawn said...

This looks awesome! I am now following you from the PRP! Great Blog! :)

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