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This was a hard book for me to read. Not that I was abused, but some of the stories were very hard to read.

Sister Pittelli tells about heart felt struggles with people like you and I.

Some of the problems people had with Mothers trying to ruin their weddings, people not taking care of pets and just mental abuse in general really made me think how lucky I truly am.

I have never had a chance to sit down and read all of the bible, but Sister Pittelli writes certain verses and how they pertain to each circumstance. It gave me a new meaning to the bible.

This is a good soul helping book for anyone who has had to live with some sort of abuse.

"Biblical Truths for the Abused in Narcissistic Predicaments

Quoting extensively from the Bible, Sister Renee Pittelli erases the myth of "forgiveness
without repentance" in handling abusive, narcissistic and sociopathic family members,
so that the abused can live the life of freedom and peace that God intended for them.

Adirondack Mountains, NY - May 21, 2010 - Sister Renee Pittelli announces the
release of her latest book, Narcissistic Predicaments, A Biblical Guide to Navigating the
Schemes, Snares and No-Win Situations Unique to Abusive Families. Pittelli's guide
provides a breath of fresh air to adult children of abusive families who have been trying
to live by impossible, and non-Biblical, rules in handling their abusive family members.

A veteran victim's advocate, Sister Pittelli has recognized that children of narcissistic
families often face predicaments that people with normal families never have to face.
She points out that victims of abuse, while trying to set boundaries with their narcissistic
family members, are often accused of not being "good Christians" because they will not
"forgive and forget," they are not "honoring their father or mother," or they are "taking
revenge" or not "loving their enemies," and she provides Biblical responses to these

Referencing her Biblical advice with scriptural quotations, author Pittelli offers her
readers "21 Rules of No Contact" and "102 questions to ask yourself when deciding
whether to end an abusive relationship." Pittelli shows that, contrary to much "popular"
advice, God does not want his followers to "live in peace" with evil people.

Narcissistic Predicaments provides practical, effective answers to the most common
dilemmas faced by abused family members, such as why your abuser focuses on your
spouse, should you let your abusers have contact with your children, are you obligated to
take care of your abuser in her old age, visiting estranged relatives in the hospital or
going to their funerals, what to do about family get-togethers, weddings and holidays,
particularly Mother's Day and Father's Day, and handling the family meddlers who try to
intervene between you and your narcissistic relative. It includes valuable suggestions on
how to reconcile on your terms, not the abuser's, and what to expect from estranged
relatives who want to drag you back into that abusive web after you've made your

Sister Pittelli's compelling guide offers relief for the many adult survivors of abusive
family relationships, by providing them with the actual Biblical references needed for
them to confidently stand their ground with abusers who try to use the Bible and
Christianity against them.

About the author:
Sister Renee Pittelli is an Adult Child Recovery Mentor, a victim's advocate, author of
The Family Freeloader, and the Founder and Director of Luke 17:3 Ministries for Adult
Daughters of Abusive, Controlling or Abandoning Birth-Families. She has written
extensively about family abusers, narcissists, sociopaths, their Silent Partners, the
Biblical perspective on abuse, setting and enforcing boundaries, Godly confrontation, the
myth of forgiveness without repentance, cutting ties with reprobate relatives, maintaining
no-contact, and living the life of freedom and peace that the Lord intended for you."

You can purchase this book on Amazon for $20.65


Unknown said...

We have a narcissistic family member, and we are Christian. This is the first time I've seen a Christian book dealing with this very very difficult issue. And yes, we've had selectively chosen Bible verses thrown at us when we so much as ask to be treated better (and our children to be treated better). Thanks so much for the review...will definitely check it out.

katsrus said...

Sounds like a good book but; I think I would have a hard time reading it too. Thanks for the review.
Sue B

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