Wednesday, June 2, 2010


About time this started!!! I have been waiting for EVER!!! LOL

Wow, having his wife on was weird!! I knew something was up when he hugged her!!!

I have to cheer for Benjamin (I like the name!!!) but some of the other chefs food looks gross!!!

What is up with the Mohawk covered in wax?? Got to love the tattoo. Some people are just crazy!!

OK Andrew is SCARY!!! He is WAY too excited about killing animals and eating them raw!!

The alarm for the lessons would ANNOY ME!!!! They are great for them though.

Not a good way to start when the app chefs are burning and under cooking food.

Benjamin is not doing well re-using spit covered spoons!!!

Fran isn't very smart either!!! WOW!!!

Why is Maria laughing?? How stupid to get kicked out of the kitchen for laughing!!!

I have never seen that many people kicked out of the kitchen in one episode before!!

I was quite shocked that Stacey went home before Fran. She couldn't figure out the difference between Crab and Lobster!!!

So on that note I need to say goodbye to Jenna.

Sorry you are first to go!!!

1.Andrew Forester- Beth

2.Ed Battaglia- Emmagan

3.Jason Ellis- SquirrelQueen

4.Maria Torrisi- Vhubler

5.Scott Hawley- Meg

6.Siobhan Allgood- Bethany

7.Autumn Lewis- Debbie

8.Fran Klier- Lavender Daisy

9.Jamie Bisoulis- Kat

10.Nilka Hendricks- Britt

11.Salvatore Coppola- LB

12.Benjamin Knack- Krystal

13.Holli Uglade- Lindsay

14.Jay Santos- Shelley

15.Mikey Termini- Katsrus

16.Stacey Slichta- Jenna


Emmagan said...

When, he was kissing her i thought that's got to be his wife, because he would not do that on TV! XD

Yeah i agree Fran, should have left.

I think Maria was keep laughing because she dose that when she is nerves? i don't know but i though it was pretty, missed up.

lol Andrew is SCARY, i was umm freaky.

I loved the Mohawk! it was kind of cool lol.

I can't wait until next week!

debbie said...

Thanks for the recap, I missed it. My son was in the hospital.

katsrus said...

Sorry your son was in the hospital. Hugs. This was kind of a weird show this time. I thought something was up to when they were kissing. LOL. I don't think I ever remember seeing that many being sent to their rooms either. How about the dumb lady who wore high heals in the kitchen? LOL. I thought maybe shewas laughing as a way to cope. I do that sometimes. Thanks for the update.
Sue B

Sarah Coulsey said...

Debbie, I hope your son is much better. What happened??

Holly Lefevre said...

I only caught part of Hell's caught me I feel like I am on track! I can always count on you for good updates.

debbie said...

His blood pressure shot up really high. He had a stroke at birth, a few years ago he had some major kidney problems, so they aren't taking any chances. Over the winter he had 2 surgeries to fix inoperable tumors in his leg. I don't know if it is because they cause him severe pain that raised his blood pressure, but they are starting to do a series of tests on him.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Oh Debbie I am soooo sorry that he and you have to have go through all of this. I wish you both nothing but the best. You are in my prayers. Please keep me informed with whats going on.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Thank you Holly!!! I am glad I can be of service!! LOL!!!

Momma Told Me said...

No wonder my girl was the last chef to be picked! hahaha. That's my luck for you.

Unknown said...

Debbie, I'm sorry about your son. :(

After watching the show I think I may be doomed with Holli lol

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