Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love how the women are at each others throats already. Wow!!

Chef Scott's alarm clock trick was pretty mean!!!

I love how proud they are of cooking eggs. When you are on this show, you are supposed to be a professional or at least close to it.

Siobhan is pretty silly. Crying in front of Chef Ramsey is just plain dumb, but not listening to his directions is moronic!!

I am glad the men won the challenge. They deserved it. The women blew that challenge big time!!

OK I think its time for Siobhan to go!!!

Wow that Tuna was HUGE!!!

Salvatore is kind of full of himself huh??

Then he goes and gets kicked out even before dinner service starts. WOW!!

Fran is pathetic too. Wow this group is really bad!! I don't remember another season being this bad right off the bat like that!!!

I hope you caught the commercial where Ramsey is doing a spin off of Hell's Kitchen called Master Chef!! Interesting!!

Andrew is a weirdo!! How do you make liquid mashed potatoes like that?? Then he goes and fights with Ramsey.

If I didn't love my TV SO much I would throw something at it!!

Why would you waste your time to get on this show, if you are willing to walk the second day after one fight with Ramsey??

Wow when Ramsey asked the teams for their votes, they were pretty unanimous. I agree that both teams took their votes personally.

I cant blame Ramsey for getting rid of Mikey. He didn't do a very good job.

These chefs really need to pull it together. I cant believe how little team work is going on this early in the show.

At this point there isn't one single chef I want to win. Usually I can narrow it down to a couple I like, but not this time.

So on that note, I have to say goodbye to two people tonight Beth and Katsrus.

Thank you both for playing!!

1.Andrew Forester- Beth

2.Ed Battaglia- Emmagan

3.Jason Ellis- SquirrelQueen

4.Maria Torrisi- Vhubler

5.Scott Hawley- Meg

6.Siobhan Allgood- Bethany

7.Autumn Lewis- Debbie

8.Fran Klier- Lavender Daisy

9.Jamie Bisoulis- Kat

10.Nilka Hendricks- Britt

11.Salvatore Coppola- LB

12.Benjamin Knack- Krystal

13.Holli Uglade- Lindsay

14.Jay Santos- Shelley

15.Mikey Termini- Katsrus

16.Stacey Slichta- Jenna


Elizabeth said...

Oh sad! :( I hadn't even watched the episode yet, well guess I'll have to go see it now, LOL.

Sarah Coulsey said...

So sorry Beth!!! I personally would rather go in the beginning then be the second to last gone. I wouldn't want to come so close to just loose. (If that makes you feel better!!)

Elizabeth said...

:) it does, LOL

debbie said...

I don't think Autumn is going to last. She isn't my favorite person on the show. Anybody want to trade? LOL. I didn't really see any that stood out this time.

katsrus said...

I'm a goner! LOL. I haven't really seen anybody else I like to win either.
Sue B

LB said...

LOL Oh man, I don't think my man Salvatore is gonna last either! LOL I have no idea why I picked him!!!

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