Sunday, May 16, 2010


I still feel bad that Rupert is gone.

I like the recaps they made about the players. Pretty funny!!!

Hold strong Colby!!!

I like how Russell, Sandra and Parvati are still at each others throats. I don't know if that will help Colby or not.

The plate challenge is really hard!!!

For the first time ever Colby wasn't the first one out!!! LOL

CRAP!!! Ah man, poor Colby. I am so sorry man. I got my fingers crossed for you at tribal.

I liked Colby's goodbye speech, and then his scramble.

I hate to see Colby go. Tear Tear!!!

I like the right of passage thing. It reminds me of who played the game!!! Towards the end my brain is fried!!

This maze challenge looks really tough. I guess they have to make the final one memorable!!!

I don't like how all three (Russell, Jerri and Parvati) are running for the win. I don't want Parvati to win.

I am very happy that Russell got the idol. All though I don't like him, he has played the game well.

I don't know who I want to win. I don't really like any of them. I guess the lesser of all evils is Jerri. This season she wasn't mean like she was in the outback.

Oh man I am shocked. I cant believe that Russell kept Parvati. Poor Jerri.

I seriously do not want any of them to win. I don't like them at all.

That was mean burning Russell's hat. All though, Russell did take one sock from every player on his team last season!!

Each of the three's speeches were interesting. I don't know who is going to win. At least Russell was honest.

Colby sounds great!!! He is also cute!!! LOL

Some of the comments and questions the jury are asking are just silly.

Danielle is very bitter!!

Wow, from the reactions of some of the Jury, I don't think Russell is winning again.

I don't like how they show some of the votes. That bothers me. By the way it looks, it could be a three way tie. That would be funny. I wonder how they would deal with that.

I cant believe they picked Sandra to win. She didn't really play at all. Russell is evil, but he should have won. He truly did play the game. He was the only one to stand alone and do the game by himself.

I loved Russell's comment about letting America vote. I would have voted for him!!!

I liked the dumbest move award. J.T. deserved it, but they all did!!! I forgot about Colby's dumbness (is that a word) and I forgot about that Erik kid too!!!

At least Russell got the $100,000. He deserved something!!!

So on that note, I get to award Smart Cents Mom with a $25 gift cert to Amazon, and Mavericks Mommy with a $10 gift card.

Thank you to everyone who played, and I cant wait for next season!!!

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Holly Lefevre said...

I like to know who wins ahead of time (I am Pacific Time). I knew I could count on you!

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