Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok so I am now hooked on Edward!!! My lovely Sister made me watch the Twilight Movie. Now I had no intention to watch these. I like going to movies that end before you leave the theater.

When Lord of the Rings came out, my Husband made me go see it. I had never read the books, so I had no clue that it was a three part series. When the movie started to get close to the end, I was getting antsy wondering when they were going to save the world. It wasn't until closer to the end, that my Husband informed me that it was a trilogy. I have never been so mad at him before in my life!!! I need conclusions people!!!

So last night, after listening to Erin whine and whine that it was a good movie and great books, I sat down and watched the first one to see all the hype. Immediately after the first, I had to watch New Moon. Once that was over, I was sooooooooo antsy to find out what happens, that I drove over to Erin's apartment and got all the books from her, so I could finish the series.

Will Bella end up with Edward or Jacob?? Will she become a vampire?? (Please don't answer these questions, I need to read for myself!!!)

Are any of you big Twilight Fans?? Are you as hooked as I am now?? Does anyone else find Robert Pattinson really cute although he is way way way too young?? (He was born in 1986, you do the math!!! LOL)

Now I need to convince my Hubby to watch these, so that when the next movie comes out (next month I think) we can go see it!!!!

Thank you Erin!!!

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star said...

I am a huge Twilight fan! I love Robert Pattinson! He is so gorgeous!

Kelly L said...

My girls and I are enjoying the movies - I did go out and buy all the books but have not had a chance to read one yet...

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Pam Bowers said...


The books are way better then the movies. I'm rereading them right now just for fun. I'm not even excited about the movies because while good and entertaining they leave tons of stuff out.

Stormi said...

Your so funny and sound just like my friend. I copied the movie off for her kids and she watched it and then she went out and bought the next three books so she could see how it went.

Me on the other hand, I read the first one thought it was boring and had no intentions of reading any more but with her nagging to have someone to talk to about them she lent them to me and I read them. I thought New Moon was never going to end, so boring. The series picks up with the last too and I liked them okay.

I am not a huge twilight fan though I have seen all the movie so far (new moon to me was way better as a movie) My friend is making me go to the midnight showing to see Eclipse (she is already getting us tickets because they just went on I do admit this one looks cooler than the rest, so I am curious.

My favorite vampire is Carlisle! And I would have to say...GO TEAM he is way hotter than Edward by far..hehehehe

Unknown said...

I cannot stress this not watch Twilight and New Moon and then start reading Eclipse. You will miss so much of the story. You have to read ALL of the books. The movies don't even come close to capturing all of the story. If you read all four books, you will NOT regret it. Seriously. Read the books. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse THEN Breaking Dawn. Then, after all of those, go find Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyers website. Totally worth it.

Colleen Turner said...

I do love Twilight! I fell in love with the books first, then with the movies that are out so far. I felt like such a cradle robber when I was mooning over Jacob in New Moon and found out he wasn't even 18! My husband definitely got a laugh out of that one. While my husband has not read the books he has liked the movies, so you might luck out taking your husband.

Unknown said...

He is only 4 years younger than me so , not too young and yes so sexy :)
Can't wait to see the next one and hope to get the books eventually!

Unknown said...

Love it and him!! And he is not too young for me!!

I have read all the books before the movie came out and just watched New Moon a couple days ago. Cannot wait for the next one!!

katsrus said...

I did not think I would like Twilight. I didn't watch it till much later & i was hooked too. Then I found all the books used and started ready them & I really enjoyed all of them. Will reread them someday.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Ok guys I am loosing my mind. Here I sit watching Twilight for the third time in two days!!!! Oh and Hubby is watching it right now with me!!!!

P.s. I am reading the first book now too. I agree that just because I watched the movies, doesnt mean I can skip books. But boy are they long!!!!

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