Thursday, May 20, 2010


OK guys I got to rant. In the last couple days, I have lost 6 Followers. I have noticed since I posted about Eden Fantasy's a couple weeks ago, that I have lost a couple followers here and there. Specifically if I post anything adult related.

I want to clear the air alittle here. I use my blog to meet new friends, try awesome new products, play games, and just plain have fun (i.e my blog name!!!) I am an equal opportunity reviewer. As you have seen, I do alot of different reviews from Religious books, Text books, Water, Adult Products, Food Products, Kids Toys etc.

If a company sends me a product, I am going to give them my honest opinion, and I will post it on here, so other people can learn about it too.

I apologize if some of my posts offend people. I try to write the posts as best I can, but no matter what I do, or say, it will probably offend someone. This is not a perfect world, and we are all not alike.

I think I am done. Sorry that I had to rant. I just get sooooo annoyed when I work really hard to get everyone to enjoy my blog with the posts, games, reviews, giveaways etc, and there are always a couple that you just cant please!!!

I do want to say to everyone who stays that I LOVE YOU GUYS, and THANK YOU for STAYING!!!!!


ParaJunkee said...

Hey Sarah. No offending. You know my followers fluctuate a lot at certain points. I don't know if it is a blogger thing or an actual stop following thing. I did notice that my followers fluctuate when I get to the even points. 750 - 800 - 850 it was weird but the moment I hit 850 I dropped down the next day to 846 - then back up to 848 and kept fluctuating until I stabled out at 853. I remember this happened at 800 also and before that at the 500 range. I really noticed it then because it was the first time I dropped a significant amount of followers. This hurt my feelings. "What did I write?" I thought.

So, it could be people "not liking" me anymore or it could be a GFC thing, I don't know. I hope to think it is GFC ;) ♥ Parajunkee

Heather said...

Oh no. I do agree that followers can fluctuate. Last week, feedburner "lost" 75% of my followers...then, 3 days later, they were all back. Weird. But, I do have a family/Christian blog and my followers will do some clicking if I run certain things. Over time, though, I am showing who I am. And, my followers seem to go up when I am really honest! That being said, I made a joke to my huisband when I saw your Eden post--I said, I'd love to do that one, but it would be hard on my site. He laughed and said he wished I would. I think it can be fun to explore these things with a safe partner. So, don't feel bad. Your post was done in good taste. Anyone who left because of that...well, I think it's silly. And I'm a homeschool, Christian Mommy:))

casey aubut said...

Heather- Feedburned did the same thing to me last week too- I checked my followers and thought"hmmm...Thought I had more than that" and let it go- today I noticed about 250 are suddenly back! Weird!

SOrry to hijack your post Sarah! My readers fluctuate all the time - dont stress- many more will follow soon! :)

Jennifer Sikora said...

Hi Sarah,

I just want to explain why I can't follow your blog. My daughter reads my posts along with me and even though your post said adults only. . .the picture popped up before I could cover it up.

I just cannot allow that kind of thing to come before my children and for that reason only I cannot follow you.

Other than that, your blog has been fun to read.

Blessings to you.

Lothiriel said...

I'm sorry that you have to apologize for whatever you post in YOUR blog. More than likely you don't need all those who unfollowed you. You gotta have the right to post whatever you want, and you did post the appropriate warning. As a blogger, who enjoys writing, I cannot worry about who gets offended with what. There will always be someone who will not like what you gotta say. I hope this doesn't discourage you from posting about anything you want.

Yellow House Knits said...

I wouldn't stress about it at all. Yes, there are some people who will be offended by those sorts of posts and won't want to follow, but there are others who will appreciate them and follow because of them. Just like there are almost certainly some blogs you find interesting/engaging/worth reading and others you don't. The fact that you specifically don't want to follow a particular blog doesn't lessen it's worth. So I think you should focus on blogging about whatever YOU want to blog about and the followers will follow. Your blog is great!

Unknown said...

Try not to worry about it too much. You have enough followers already that I really don't think it will hurt you.

Personally, I look at those posts even when my children are around. While they don't know exactly what I do with them, they know they are sex toys and they know they are only for adults. It honestly isn't going to scar their little eyes so why make it such a big deal ?

If you want your children to feel comfortable talking to you about sex or other sensitive topics when they are older, why shelter them when they are younger?

If they they aren't old enough to explain to them what it is, simply tell them it is for adults and they will find out when they are a little older. That is usually enough to satisfy their questioning.

Unknown said...

With that said, I know that not everybody has the same opinions as I do, and not everybody has an interest in such a thing. I made a separate blog for adult reviews so that no one is offended or made to feel they were forced to see the photos.

I have seen others post a partial review, without a photo and then include a link to the full review (perhaps in a new "page") so that people know exactly what they will be looking at before it pops up on them.

katsrus said...

Hi Sarah. If it bothers me I just pass over it. Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog.
Sue B

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