Thursday, April 8, 2010


"The woman who will wear Richard Lynsted’s ring will be genteel, dainty, and well-bred.
This eliminates Grace MacEachin on all three counts. A hellion of the first order, the alluring, infuriating woman would be nothing more than a passing temptation to an upstanding gentleman like Richard--if it weren’t for the fact that she’s trying to blackmail his father!

Or, as Grace sees it, trying to get justice--and maybe just the slightest hint of revenge on the family that tore her life asunder when she was just a girl. And as for Lynsted, well, the stuffy, humorless man wouldn’t suffer for time spent in company more exciting than that of his company ledgers. Only when Richard gets Grace alone, she discovers he many know a thing or two about excitement after all . . . .. "

Another page turner that I read in one sitting. Now mind you, I am very busy during the day. If I am not chasing down two kids, or working at the Post Office, I am working on this blog!!

The only time I have to read is after the Kids, and Husband are in bed!!!

So to finish this book in one night (I was up till 2am for this one!!) I loose out on sleep. Not family time!!! LOL

Anyway back to the book!!!!

Grace is an Actress/Singer. She is trying to maintain a life without her family. Being an Actress back in the 1800's was not a respectable job for a Women.

Grace deals with men hitting on her all the time. She fights them off left and right. Some of the men even have a bet going on who will bed her first.

After a show that didn't go so well, Grace decides she has had it. She wants to go home to her Father. Her Father who was accused of stealing, and has had a rough life since.

While trying to leave, a horrible stage manager tries to take the prize for bedding Grace first.

She is suddenly rescued by a very large man. He seem familiar, but she cant quite place it.

Richard is truly a gentleman. He is in his late 20's and runs his Father and Uncles Business'. He is very angry to find out that a Women is accusing his Family of being thieves, and is blackmailing his Father.

He takes matters into his own hands and decides to confront her. He walks into her dressing room to find her being assaulted. After saving her, she soon realizes who Richard is.

They make a deal to go see her Father and hear his side of the story involving the stolen money and the blackmail Grace is committing.

Along the way, Richard and Grace under go alot of problems, including hypothermia, and a close call with a hanging!!!

I loved the characters in this book. Grace is so petite and feisty. Richard is huge and strong, but just a big ole teddy bear!!!

The adventures they go through are exciting and make you hope that everything turns out happily ever after in the end.

A great read!!!

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