Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow I didn't realize that Singapore was one of the richest cities in the world.

That town they visited in China was pretty.

The noodle challenge looked like fun.

The World's Shortest Man looked really really short!!!
Poor Michael and Louie, and Dan and Jordan. That does hurt big time when you have a cab driver that has no clue where to go.

Jet was really good at making pasta!!! That looked really hard.

I liked seeing Jet and Cord trying to find the clothes!! That was cute!!

I really like how the final four teams are nice to each other. They really show each other alot of respect. That's how everyone should play!!

Oh my god that puzzle challenge looked really really hard. 96 pieces!! Ouch!!!

That was horrible when Brent and Cord's pieces went flying. You would think that the puzzle pieces would be heavier so that wouldn't happen.

Wow the Science Museum is huge, the size of 15 Football Fields!!

Sweet prize going to Alaska for Jet and Cord. I would love to go there!!!

Poor Michael and Louie. Phil is soooooooooooo mean!!!! I am glad they are not out yet. I really like those two!!!

So on that note, I don't have to say good bye to anyone!!! Yeah!!!

That was sad to see that the World's Smallest Man passed away.

1. Brent and Caite- Taken by Ware Family
2. Carol and Brandy- Taken by Surge
3. Dana and Adrian-Taken by Marci
4. Jet and Cord- Taken by Mavericks Mommy
5. Jody and Shannon- Taken by Celestia
6. Joe and Heidi- Taken by Ashley E
7. Dan and Jordan- Taken by Bethany
8. Jordan and Jeff- Taken by Amy
9. Louie and Michael- Taken by April
10.Monique and Shawne- Taken by Lavender Daisy
11.Steve and Allison- Taken by Vittoria


notesfromnadir said...

Great summary! I really enjoyed watching this episode & it was fun watching the noodle making challenge & the puzzle pieces. I like all the teams but am rooting for Jet and Cord and the brothers.
What cracked me up was when Brent said the canals looked like Sicily. I believe he meant Venice! :)

Oh well, it's just a fun reality show & great for armchair travelers! :)

Sharon's New Life said...

It's funny that I clicked on your blog just as I finished watching tonight's show (on DVR).
The Amazing Race is my favorite reality show... it's great!

Holly Lefevre said...

We just finished watching...I just LOVE Jet and Cord! This is one show hubby and I both sit down to watch together all the time.


PS-Thanks for entering the giveaway at hip weddings.

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