Thursday, March 4, 2010


Could Coach's ego be any bigger??? What is with the crying??

Boston Rob has been very calm this time around. Maybe marriage and Fatherhood has cooled his jets!!!

I love the reward challenge. Slip and slides are lots of fun!!!

Oh dear Colby, that was just really bad!!! He had a nice lead, and couldn't sink one ball. Oh well, he is still cute!!!

Why would Russell go after the idol with them all standing there?? That was dumb. I would have waited till dark. Especially after they agreed that if someone went after it, they were going next!!

Poor Tom. If he had been a little quicker and not so obvious, no one would have been the wiser about him and the idol!!!

Darn it that was sooooooo close with the immunity challenge. I really didn't know who was going to win that.

I hate the scrambling before tribal council. It always makes me sooooooooo mad.

YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH!!!! I am soooooooo glad it was Cirie. THANK YOU J.T!!!!!!

I was shaking waiting for Jeff to say the last name. Colby lives to see another day!!!

So on that note I have to say goodbye to ASHLEY E. Thank you very much for playing!!

1. Rubert Boneham- Buster Mama
2. Colby Donaldson- Supah Mommy
3. Cirie Fields- Ashley E
4. Amanda Kimmel- Half Stitched
5. Jessica "Sugar" Kipper- Pam
6. Stephanie LaGrossa- Paperology

7. James "JT" Thomas- Lea
8. Tom Westman- Missy
9. Tyson Apostal- Jinxy + Me
10. Sandra Diaz Twine- Smart Cents Mom
11. Russell Hantz- Maverick's Mommy
12. Jerri Manthey- Sheila
13. "Boston" Rob Mariano- MassHole Mommy
14. Parvati Shallow- Kari
15. Ben "Coach" Wade- Sue
16. Courtney Yates- Smart Money Mom
17. Candace Woodcock- Buttons and Bows
18. Danielle DiLorenzo- Bethany
19. Randy Bailey- Dymphna

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Mama Thompson said...

Totally love that you are doing friends and I have an AI comp every year ( love survivor and was also glad Cirie got the boot...I LOVE a good "blind side".

I'm a new follower...from the friday follow...thanks for stopping by my blog and following:)

Mama Thompson...

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