Thursday, March 18, 2010


OK, I try not to complain on here but I got to vent!!!

On Saturday/Sunday I get all my coupons from the newspapers.

Monday-Wednesday I organize them and figure out what to use at all my frequent stores to get stuff for free or at the very least very cheap!!!

Thursday I hit the stores for what I call Free Day!!!

This week I had an awesome buffet of free stuff. My list of stores included Target, Rite Aide, and Family Dollar.

I hit Rite Aide first. I wanted to get dish soap for .29 cents. Of course they didn't have the brand I needed for the coupon. So I lost out.

Then I went to Target. There I could get free Tide, and Shave Gel. They had it on the shelves. I was soooo excited. I grabbed a couple and so did my Mother and Sister. When we got to the register, we got the run around from the cashier that they couldn't take the coupons because the cost of the item was less then the coupon, and that the sizes were wrong.

I knew this was wrong so I asked to speak to a manager. She gave me the same run around. So I didn't get anything there.

Then I hit Family Dollar where I could get free hair dye (not that I need it, wink wink!!)

There I was told I couldn't get it because even though the coupon said any brand, the pictures on it didn't show that specific brand.

At this point I was MAD!!!

So when I got home, I went to each stores website, and found their coupon policy.

Of course in both cases, I was RIGHT!!!

So tomorrow I will hit the stores again with policy's in hand.

Please let this be a lesson to all, NEVER go to a store to use coupons without the stores policy!!!


Surge said...

Very true, I learned that lesson already too!
Thanks for following from friday follow, following you back

Jackie said...

Hey, we have the same routine when it comes to coupons! Although, I haven't really shopped in a while. But you are so right about the policies. I never go to Target without mine. I always have an issue with my coupons when I go there.

Have a great weekend!

LaVonne said...

It drives me crazy when this happens. It happens to me too. It has gotten to the point where I dread getting deals with coupons at stores. I try to bribe my husband into doing it. He doesn't care. He will "fight" for the right. They always act like it is their own money or that the store is losing out. My husband always says, "You will get the money from the manufacturer." They always like to say we can't do it because it will be free. (That is exactly why we are doing it.) Or they say okay, just this one time. ??? Okay my vent is over now. LOL.

Just stopping by from FF. I am now going to follow your blog :)

Blessings! said...

ITA with you about taking print outs of their corporate policies with you! Also, my biggest tip about coupon shopping is to get to know the cashiers well...and when you find one who does understand the whole couponning thing - make sure you get in her line! I have a couple of stores where I'm a 'regular' and this helps immensely!

Amy said...

I really want to learn how to get into couponing, but stories like that deter me slightly. That is so sad that you had to have the store policy to get it. Annoying!

Lothiriel said...

It happens to me all the freaking time!! I'm going to do that, print out the policies!

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