Sunday, March 7, 2010


Off to Germany!
Wow Jet and Cord are really good!!! Louie and Michael are lucky to run with them.
The pairing up thing was different. I have never seen them pair two teams together.
Jordan and Caite should NOT be paired together for obvious reasons!!!!
How the heck did Jet's hat stay on during that fall??
Dan was a nice guy to Brandy. I would have cried alot on that bungee jump!!
I was a soccer goalie, so I would have picked the soccer challenge. With my luck though, I would fail!! lol
The sauerkraut would have made me gag, but Michael and Louie did really well!!
Michael and Louie drank that beer like pro's too!!
Sweet prize for Michael and Louie coming in first. Winning a $5000 discover card each!! I could use that right now!!!!
I am glad that Steve and Allie came in second. I like them!!!
I cant believe that Brent cant hold his liquor!!!
Lucky Jordan and Jeff getting the non elimination round!!!
That makes me happy though, because I don't have to eliminate anyone!!!

1. Brent and Caite- Taken by Ware Family
2. Carol and Brandy- Taken by Surge
3. Dana and Adrian-Taken by Marci
4. Jet and Cord- Taken by Mavericks Mommy
5. Jody and Shannon- Taken by Celestia
6. Joe and Heidi- Taken by Ashley E
7. Dan and Jordan- Taken by Bethany
8. Jordan and Jeff- Taken by Amy
9. Louie and Michael- Taken by April
10. Monique and Shawne- Taken by Lavender Daisy
11. Steve and Allison- Taken by Vittoria


Amy said...

I was so lucky.. But if Jeff and Jordan do not get it together they will be out so fast.

Sarah Coulsey said...

I was thinking the same thing Amy. I wish you luck next week. I have seen it happen many times though, where the bottom team comes back!!!! You never know what could happen!!!

Unknown said...

There's no way I could've downed that huge boot of beer, LOL! The cowboys were so funny!

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