Thursday, February 25, 2010


OK Russell, you are married, what is going on with Parvati??

How can anyone want to be intimate when you must smell horribly?? They haven't washed in days!!! Yuck!!!! I wont even kiss my Husband until I have brushed my teeth!!!!
Russell is back to his old tricks by getting rid of the machete!!
Poor Randy caught that big clam and no one wanted it!!!
OK Candace you need to stop talking. When you do that, you make people angry and you get a target on your back!!!
I love challenges when they throw people in the mud. The sumo fighting is fun!!!!
Wow Tom got Russell in the mud very fast!!!
Hero's are not playing around anymore with this game!!!!
I really don't like Coach!!! Those were some low blows using his arm like that.
Yah COLBY!!!!! He didn't loose!!!
I am soooooo glad the hero's won for once!!! It's about time!!!
I have to agree with Jerri, I don't like flirty girls like Parvati. They drive me nuts!!!
I love how the claws come out in tribal. Sandra and Coach for example!!!
Poor Randy. Parvati should have gone first. I got to say it again, I don't like her!!!
So on that note, I have to say goodbye to DYMPHNA
Thank you very much for playing!!!

1. Rubert Boneham- Buster Mama
2. Colby Donaldson- Supah Mommy
3. Cirie Fields- Ashley E
4. Amanda Kimmel- Half Stitched
5. Jessica "Sugar" Kipper- Pam
6. Stephanie LaGrossa- Paperology
7. James "JT" Thomas- Lea
8. Tom Westman- Missy
9. Tyson Apostal- Jinxy + Me
10. Sandra Diaz Twine- Smart Cents Mom
11. Russell Hantz- Maverick's Mommy
12. Jerri Manthey- Sheila
13. "Boston" Rob Mariano- MassHole Mommy
14. Parvati Shallow- Kari
15. Ben "Coach" Wade- Sue
16. Courtney Yates- Smart Money Mom
17. Candace Woodcock- Buttons and Bows
18. Danielle DiLorenzo- Bethany
19. Randy Bailey- Dymphna


Shell said...

I totally agree with you! I guess Russell hasn't told anyone that he is married. I actually do LOVE him, but that kind of bugs me.

I didn't like Parvarti on any of her seasons.

Kel said...

So funny..this is almost everything I said to my husband last night!


Anonymous said...

To what I would call a Gold digger, but married none the less.
I was kinda sad for Randy, but he seemed a little bitter and ready to go.

RIGHT~! Candace keep your mouth shut! I want to stay in the game a little longer!
I said last week she was under the girl...Well, she must have heard me say that and decided my advice was not good for her.
Russel is right about one thing, when they loose their emotions then you loose all senses and then that is when they become weak.
He loves to keep everyone up in the air, which I do have to say is funny because it is not me. If I was there and he was messing with me....UM.....I would want to hide his shoes so he would have to go barefooted all the time.....
No,,that is just to mean, I couldn't do that....I am too nice.
I do have the hero's mantality.

TYSON~ I love his dry sense of humor. He just cracks me up. I wish they would showcase his personality more.

Tom is a tough ole bird.

I really do not like Coach either, matter of fact I am a little embarrassed for the poor guy.
He really does think to highly of himself.

I so look forward to this show each week, I am truly a reality show junkie.
I am also looking forward to seeing who Jake picks this week.
I am hoping it is Tinley.

Thanks for this awesome game.
Have a great week, until next week.
@Buttons and Bows

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